22 Image Wedding Photos

22 Image

would like to offer you the opportunity to produce memorable wedding photos. Through our team of professional wedding photographers serving the greater Montreal area.

Our mission

as professionals is simply to stop time. To capture those special moments. That will allow us to tell the story of your wedding day. This will surely be one of the most memorable times in your life.

Our goal

is to make wedding photography accessible to everyone. Our team of photographers are available throughout the year and everything will be done to meet your needs.

Quality Wedding Photos and Video !

Has the thought of asking a friend to take pictures of your special day cross your mind? Would it be easier and cheaper? Wedding photography requires the mastering of many techniques The art of framing and the knowledge of different lighting effects. As well as the ability to seize the right moment in time. That will capture all the emotions of each magical moment.

Only a trained professional wedding photographer with a vast knowledge and years of experience. With the capacity to adapt in any given situation. Would know the right techniques to apply to obtain those perfect photos.

Wedding photo album and video on demand!

At our initial meeting. To help you make the right choice. We will present samples of different wedding albums. This step is crucial. For your wedding photos will be those unforgettable moments that will be with you for a lifetime! We may also capture these moments on video. Imagine rediscovering the magic of that day again and again. It is possible with our wedding video service.

Let your wedding day be seen through the eye of an artist. Our trained professionals will know how to seize every opportunity to capture those unforgettable moments.

These moments will never return. So do not leave anything to chance. Trust our team of professional photographers. We are here for you. Contact us to make an appointment. So you can meet with a professional wedding photographer.