22 Image is a professional team of Montreal wedding photographers and videographers, working full time twelve month of the year. As a witness to your celebrations, 22 Image captures through a series of photographic and video images this exceptional day. We follow sequentially the preparations of the celebration, from behind the scenes, stage by stage.

Our mission as photographic and video wedding professionals is to stop time and write the story of one of the most significant days of your life.

Genuinely photographed and filmed without staging, the emotions of your day will be caught by the photographer and videographer: joy, complicity, tenderness, laughter. Nothing escapes from the look of these photographs and film, which are renowned for being exclusive.

Why hire the services of a professional wedding photographer and videographer?

First and foremost for the quality of our images: our technical expertise, our ability to capture the exceptional moments and emotions at the right time.

Our adaptability and technical expertise allows us to work under all types of conditions.

Our Moments photographic know-how creates images that are candid and full of life… of timeless moments.

Our keen aesthetic sense augments your inner beauty and features as well as captures aspects of people and places that are distinctive.

As a testimony to your day, the photographs and films will capture the spirit of your celebration and become images to share. The images of your wedding day will be part of the rest of your life and become an important statement of your family’s heritage.

As wedding professionals we take our role seriously. Calling upon 22 Image’s professional wedding photographers and videographers, your reality becomes a pleasure, a gift which one offers to their marriage.

These precious wedding day moments are one of a kind. They deserve to be recorded by professionals, who respect the importance of the day.