Wedding photosfrom 2000$

We provide images of the wedding that retrace each precious moment of the day’s activities. They relate the beauty, atmosphere and emotion particular to your special wedding day.

We offer an à la carte service according to the particular needs of each bride and groom. Here are some of our key photographic wedding services:

  • We deliver the complete coverage of all the wedding photography taken during the day on a DVD (unlimited choice of photos);
  • Photographs are set at 100% resolution;
  • Full copyrights of all your wedding photos;
  • Every photo is completely retouched and ready for printing (cropping, color balance, lighting, cosmetic, black & white, as well as other artistic enhancements);
  • Hours of coverage begin at six hours minimum and more;
  • Complete delivery of wedding pictures within 10 weeks;
  • We offer printing services of wedding pictures as well as traditional and digital wedding albums.
  • Wedding Photography Services rates begin at $2000.